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Book II of The DragonSpawn Cycle (published by Flux)

© 2007 Terie Garrison

Available in hardcopy and on Kindle

 ... a fun tale with plenty of danger, action, and adventure. -- The School Library Journal

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Eventually I crossed another path leading more or less back towards Yallick's cottage, so I took it. This was a new path to me, one I hadn't explored in the weeks since we'd arrived here. At first, it was a wide track, even open to the sky overhead, but before long, the trees drew closer. The path began to wind, and even though it was nearing midday and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the light grew dim.

I didn't get scared until I began to feel an unfamiliar vibration in the air. This was dark, and old, and wild. I stopped walking and tried to discern where it was coming from. There. A little way from the path, there was a patch of--well, it wasn't exactly darkness, more like a blurry patch, where the shapes of the trees were fuzzy.

I closed my eyes. The vibration had frightened me at first, not because it was threatening but because it was so strange; now it seemed to be drawing me to its source. Eyes still closed, I followed it. A piece of my rational mind warned me that I was surely going to plant my face onto a tree trunk, but I pushed the thought down and obeyed what seemed to be instinct. And I didn’t smash into any trees or otherwise misstep.

Then I stopped, as if at an unspoken command. The air crackled, dancing around me and making my skin tingle. I smiled. The sounds of the life of the forest around me became magnified. The twittering of birds echoed loudly, and the scuttling of small creatures was more like a herd of wild horses crashing though the trees. An incessant clickety-clacking I eventually realised was the sound of insects gnawing and marching their way through the nearby trees.

Even before I opened my eyes, I knew that I must be in the middle of the grey patch I'd seen. Finally, I looked around.

I stood in the centre of a circle of stones. Not huge boulders, but small ones, small enough for me to sit on. Only one rose higher than my knees.

The ground inside the circle was soft loam, and I thought I could see the footprints of bare human feet here and there. Bare feet? In this weather? Surely they must be recent or else the rain several days ago would have washed them away.

The trees were hoary and grey, with strands of lichen trailing off the branches like ancient beards.

The vibrations began to pulse, and I could almost hear the music of the stars. I began to walk around the circle, and before I quite realised what was happening, I found I was dancing. My feet traced an intricate pattern, and I swirled and whirled and sprang spinning into the air. Round and round the circle I sped, feeling almost as if I could fly. I leapt from stone to stone, defying gravity itself. The stars smiled down on me.

"Donavah!" Yallick’s gravelly voice stopped me in my tracks. He raised a hand, palm facing me. The energy all around me stilled. It was there, but calm now. "It has taken me forever to find you. Come now." His words were curt, but I felt no hint of anger in them. And his piercing gaze, whilst intense and almost curious, didn"t scare me as it so often did. "Come."

© 2006 Terie Garrison

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